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Yes! There are plenty of movies out there! And yes! Some of them are now in VR! What a world of wonders we live in. I’ve only heard of the days when the only way to watch a movie was going to the local cinema and observe a gentleman in black and white performing his act. I even remember going to the local video club to rent my favorite titles. But these days are over and today, with the help of technology, we have managed to bring cinema inside our very own houses.

The film does not stop here, though, because things are drastically changing even when it seemed as if we had reached a milestone in the movie industry’s way of showing us what is possible in terms of audiovisual (and other sensory) effects. And the prize for this industry’s biggest leap ever of course goes to… Virtual Reality! In this article, we have gathered for you some of the best VR movies that currently exist.

Be patient though: right now, the content supported in VR ranges only between short movies and films. It is obvious though, that stage two of the virtual reality revolution is on its way and soon, full 3D VR movies will be an everyday entertainment. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our list with the most amazing VR movies!

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This short animated film is a family must! It only lasts for about 6 minutes, short like most of the other films currently available in VR nowadays, but it is surely worth it. The story goes on about two little aliens who have come to planet earth in order to conquer the world, but when they finally arrive, two adorable little bunnies greet them in the cutest of ways! The film is narrated by Ethan Hawke and has been awarded with an Emmy for its beautiful content. A must-watch for all ages.

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It: Float

Oh, the horror! In this short VR movie, which derives from the modern adaption of Stephen King’s It, a huge horror movie hit, gets us closer to the action of the actual film. It brings us face to face with Pennywise, the terrible clown, with a feeling of chill and thrill every step of the way in this beautifully made, short horror film. It is advised that, unlike our first mention, Invasion, It: Float is for the bravest out there; and definitely not for kids.

(Video credit: Jaunt)

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes takes the storytelling to another level. You take the place of an urn, observing a family who struggles through the loss of a grandfather, whose last wish was his ashes to be blown up. The smart perspective of the film is really interesting indeed. One more fascinating fact about this movie is that you can take a glimpse at the crew while they are shooting it, as well as the actors in between their acts!

(Video credit: Hugo Keijzer)

The Invisible Man

Drug trafficking, debts, and a game of Russian roulette. In this film, you are a witness of the story of two drug traffickers by the names of Nick and Kid, who have hidden a stash of high-value drugs in a barn. These two guys though, owe a debt to Frank, who shows up at their doorstep, wishing to settle everything with a game of Russian roulette. It is not a film for the faint of heart, to be true. If you do watch it though, Stick until the end; you won’t regret it.

(Video credit: Baobab Studios)

Crow: The Legend

One of my personal favorites, Crow: The Legend, follows the story of Crow, who is a carefree bird, living among other small animals who believe that spring will last forever. However, when winter strikes them, everyone soon realizes that their lives are in danger, and put their fates in the hands of Crow. Incredible storytelling, fascinating graphics. A must-watch, definitely.

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