Future VR Technology – Is That It?

VR Future


Virtual Reality is not dying. It is thriving and is going to thrive enormously over the next few years. And that’s not only because it is a “new thing”, but because its applications in modern life are and will be meeting our every day needs and desires.

Imagine a future where you can shop on a virtual store, buy credits to drive your digital car and even go to work and face your boss’s avatar telling you want to do. Generally speaking, the future of VR Technology is going to be spectacular. Now let us inspect some of the coolest things it is going to bring into our lives.


3D Screen

The Future of Screens

The VR gaming industry is what we mostly see today as per the application on VR in our lives. Putting on that headset of yours and immersing yourself within a world of fantasy and endless hours of fun activities.

However, let us take a look at the bigger picture here. We are traveling through the first generation era of virtual reality, an introductory session to what it is going to be, if you want to put it that way. The possibilities are endless though, since VR is already used in other majorly important fields of human life, such as medicine, security and simulations that help people like pilots learn how to drive a plane.

But let us take one step at a time. What would that next step be? Of course, the answer is screens. Colossal companies like Apple are on the verge of providing us with the next level of monitors for our cellphones. And one of the reasons is that pixels have become obsolete, since we have reached a stage where there is no need for more detail on our monitors to see clearer. We already see clearly enough what is in front of us. What we need is something more advanced. And that is Virtual Reality monitors.

These new phones will take communication, work and entertainment to another level. Imagine unlocking your phone, and your 3D assistant popping out of it,asking you what you want to do next. Calling your loved ones and almost feel as if they were next to you. Planning your business in a virtual environment like Marvel’s Iron Man, imagine that!


Virtual Travel

Music, Entertainment and Travel in VR

Screen adaption to VR is the next, big step. But it certainly is not the only one. The gaming industry is big, but so are the music, entertainment and travel industries respectively.

Think about this for a moment: you want to go to Hawaii but can’t afford the actual traveling expenses? VR got you covered. Hop into your private jet and travel across the ocean to your favorite destination without missing the thrill of the real journey. Or, attend the concert of your lifetime by simply clicking join on your keyboard.

We are not talking about a replacement of the real thing here. We are talking about choosing to go virtual and enjoy what you would have in real life, as close to real life as possible. With the click of a button.

The Concept of Not Being Alone

As human beings, we are highly social and we generally avoid being alone if we can. VR technology of today offers a lot indeed, but one aspect that has yet to be fulfilled is socializing from within the virtual world.

Imagine a digital universe where you could authentically interact with other people and be able to communicate in the same way you do in your every day life. You might not be able to go out for a coffee with your friend who now lives in New York, but you can meet him in the digital park or cafeteria and exchange all the gossip and information about you and your new relationship without having to travel half across the world to do so.

Companies like High Fidelity already offer a simulation of this sort. You can dance with friends or with strangers at virtual parties. We are talking about real people within a virtual environment, not robots or Artificial Intelligence. This is a huge leap towards creating a 3D society where people could share more than just some hours of multiplayer adventures.


Shop in VR

VR Shopping – A Multi-trillion Industry

Want to spend your coins to a brand new pair of digital glasses? A virtual sports car maybe? Or.just go for a walk to the supermarket and buy whatever “real” stuff you need without physically going there? Well, with virtual reality you will have that opportunity!

Shop like never before inside a safe environment, where you can buy, or even sell virtual items, own real estate, manage shops and much, much more. Shopping in VR is going to revolutionize the market and bring us closer to a more interesting and amazing future.

And as Virtual Life Goes on…

… you too will. Remind yourself of the movie “Avatar”. Do you remember how the main character lived his dream life inside a body that was not his but his at the same time? Think about it for a second. You have two lives, one real and one digital. And both of them are equally great. But each one offers different alternatives in terms of, well, everything.

The future has yet to unfold its greatest design. And as far as VR is concerned, sky is the limit.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to reply!

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